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Father’s Arms Fellowship
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How do we appropriate the tithes & offerings sent to Father’s Arms Fellowship?

Hey Everyone: I had a brother recently ask me “what do you do with offerings that comes into the church?” A brief and simplistic answer over the past year or would look something like this:

  • Church needs, utilities, insurances, small staff salaries, building upkeep and repairs, maintenance on everything inside and out afore mentioned.
  • Missions in Kenya Africa, India, Guatemala, Israel, Philippians, Uganda, new church plants in the US.
  • Benevolence for the needy, food for our pantry, community needs, needy and disabled pastors, widows with funeral help and other areas as possible. etc.
  • Evangelism and outreach.
  • Bible school students tuitions as possible to send forth pastors, teachers, evangelists and missionaries through Rhema Bible School in Tulsa, OK and/or others.
  • Other ministries as funds permit!

The giving that you participate with causes much seed to be sown and lives changed to the glory of God and in the Name of Jesus! Thank you for your giving!

~Pastors Ken & Nancy Strong