Pastor Ken Strong was born and grew up right here in Scott City, Missouri.  He and his wife Nancy have been married for 33 years on June 6th 2006. Together they are the founders of Father’s Arms Fellowship in August of 1994.   This year they celebrate their 20th Anniversary with Father’s Arms Fellowship and Ken’s 30th year of ordained ministry both in August!!

Ken is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Emmaus Road Ministry School in Euless, Texas.  Ken is a natural teacher and exorter of the word and is certainly unique in his delivery of God’s message with humor and practical application for the daily life.  Besides preaching Ken leads the youth and men’s ministry of the church. Ken graduated from Rhema’s new 3rd year School of Pastoral Ministry Program in May of 2006.  Nancy is from the St. Louis area and has worked along side Ken in their ministry since Ken was ordained in 1984. 

Pastor Nancy Strong graduated from SEMO University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and completed one year at Rhema’s General Studies Program.  She is a wonderful teacher of the word bringing the stories of the bible to life. She was ordained in 1996 at Father’s Arms Fellowship. Nancy’s real love is children is our Children’s Pastor in addition to her senior assistant pastor role here at the church.  


Assistant Pastor Gary Hollis has lived in Scott City most of his life and is  married to the lovely Michele.  Besides being a father figure to two combined families, he is the Assistant Pastor here at the church. Ordained in 1998, Gary has assisted and overseen in  many different areas of the Church functions.  He is active as leader of the Men’s Fellowship Ministries and is the head soundman at the church. Since his recent college graduation Gary is employed as a licensed social worker  in Cape Girardeau. His long term desire was to become a Licensed Counselor in order to help the Body of Christ on a professional level.


David and Robbie Brant, Elders/Teachers and Wednesday Night Bible Study Leaders! David Brant is a seasoned teacher of the word.  His many years of study and involvement as Elder and leadership roles long before he came to us has certainly prepared him for his position here. Both are prayer warriors and Robbie sings a great harmony, standing with her husband as a great support! Robbie is a nurse and is a wonderful helper with children.


Rich Blankenship serves as Worship leader. Rich is a phenomenal musician, songwriter and worship leader.  Rich is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit in his worship leading and we all love him with all our hearts.  He and his beautiful wife Lisa live in Mounds, Illinois but come all the way over here to minister to us!  What a blessing! He has written dozens of songs for the Lord!
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Daniel Strong serves as worship leader with his beautiful wife by his side. Daniel graduated from  Rhema Bible Training Center’s School of Worship in 2008.  He comes with several years of ministry experience in Tulsa as well as prior ministry here with the Worship Group Barefoot which he started at age 15!  Daniel comes with a heart of serving and teamwork! He plays four instruments, writes music and sings.  Brittney, his wife since the Summer of 2007 is also a wonderful musician playing the drums, keyboard and bass guitar and helps Pastor Ken with office work, doing the bulletin and being the best daughter-in-law a pastor could want.


Mary Rogers wears many hats. She serves the body of  Christ here as treasurer, deaconess and helps in the area of administration. Mary Rogers has been in our lives since the early 80’s.  Both a friend and comrade, she works so hard as our treasurer and has since 1995.  She coordinates funeral meals, and is always thoughtful when it comes to special occasions. Mary is an encouragement to everyone she meets.  She is definitely a deaconess and also is a prayer warrior. We wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars! Mary’s husband Dale should get an award for sharing her with the church the way that he does.


Jerry and Debby Friese have a heart to serve and support.  They are anointed Deacons!  Their supportive roles are pillars in our church.  Debby heads up our hospitality ministry and she Jerry makes breakfast. Jerry is a silent support and has the gift of encouragement.  Debby has spiritual giftings and callings in prayer, intercession and leadership and she operates as an Elder and altar worker in the body.  She has discernment and sees visions of great blessing.



Mike and Carol Stewart just naturally serve the Lord as Deacons  and have for many Years, Mike and Carol have a servant’s heart for sure!  Mike is really a radio pastor praying for hundreds nightly on an amateur radio broadcast.  This couple is solid as a rock and show and share the love of Jesus in a very real way to everyone they meet.  Both are true prayer warriors and a great support to our ministry.


Michael and Bethany are grounded and faithful servants.  Michael, gifted as a deacon, serves and helps the church and pastor in repairs and upkeep.  Michael sings and plays bass guitar and has been a pillar in the church for over 20 years! Bethany is a former missionary, ordained minister and teacher of the Word with a gift of wisdom and discernment.  Together they are a great blessing to our pastors and our entire congregation.

Ms. Vick Brant is a deaconess and serves the church ministry here with here wonderful decorating skills.  She is a wonderful altar worker, prayer warrior and is sensitive to the directions of the Holy Spirit.  Vicki has an expertise in flower arrangements for weddings and funerals and is great at decorating for any occasion.  She also coordinates for all our fundraiser sales and is a great assistant to the pastor when he needs to get a job done, he knows who to call!!  We are so blessed to have Ms. Vicki on our team! 


Rev. Greg and Kim Shambo come to us with years of experience and training with the spiritual gift of teaching.  Greg is an ordained baptist minister and graduated from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO.  Kim is also an excellent teacher of the word with an emphasis in teaching women.  Kim is back at home here in Scott City where she lived and graduated high school.

Welcome to our new youth director Chanel (Mary Kay) Tucker. She comes to us with the zeal of God and a desire to see souls touched for the kingdom of God.  Chanel is from Chicago, IL and was a part of a strong faith ministry there. She is a woman of the word!  She has a heart for “getting the word into young people”.  Chanel has a servant’s heart and has the gift of exhortation and encouragement.  

Besides her ministry to our church Chanel is a Mary Kay representative.  Thus Pastor Ken’s nick name for her Chanel “Mary Kay”.  We are so blessed to have her on her team with her multi layered talents.  She can cook like no body’s business and we know she will participate in helping with our Ladies Meetings, Teas and Socials!

So thankful you have joined the team at Father’s Arms Ms. Chanel Mary Kay!!


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(NOTE: If you are missing from this list please call PK for correction, this is still under construction)


Chanel Tucker / Justin Burns


Rev. Nancy Strong, Rebecca Rutledge, Cheryl Bratton, Bethany Stewart, Alicia Heise


Jamie Wachter (looking for backup)


Debbie Friese, Chad Burns, Kathy Sadler, Rebecca/Bethany Stewart


Zac Kurgas

Communion Prep:

Larry & Kathy Sadler

Hospitality Welcome Wagon:

Debby Friese, Ken and Nancy Strong

Van Driver:


Music and Worship:

Worship Leaders: Rich Blankenship / Daniel Strong / Michael Stewart

Worship Leader Alternates – Ken Strong, Nancy Strong

Keyboard – Nancy Strong, Ken Strong, Brittney Strong, Daniel Strong

Backup: Ryan Brant

Drums – Brittney Strong, Robbie Poley, Daniel

Back-up Singers – Ken, Nancy, 

Sound Technicians – Rich Blankenship (looking for full-time)

Women’s Meetings:

Organization – Nancy Strong and Vicki Brant


Michael Stewart Jr., Mike Stewart Sr., Matt Butler


Rich Blankenship Cleaning Company

Church Photography:

Barb Young, Bethany Stewart


Chad Burns

Breakfast Hospitality:

Coordinator: Pastor Ken & Justin Burns

Bethany & Rebecca Stewart,  Chad Burns, Ken & Nancy (backup) Vicki Brown, Rebecca Rutledge